I am doing some hobby programming, mainly to support my reviewing activities at Pocket GPS World and for that I needed a good screen shot program for the Pocket PC. Since none of the available programs on the market satisfied my requirements I took to writing my own one.

Standard features

  • fully automated file naming, including date and time options
  • supports BMP and JPG output formats
  • option to compress screenshots into standard ZIP files
  • works with those programs that are writing directly to the screen buffer (try taking a screen shot of a fullscreen game with any of the other screen shot programs!).
  • can make screen shots when the target program has blocked all access to the hardware buttons!
  • Zero-Click screen shots at preset intervals
  • big, finger friendly menus
  • NEW: record your voice comments with each screenshot
  • NEW: Portuguese, Swedish and Russian language support (in addition to German, French, Italian, Spanish)

Special features

Different screen sizes and orientations

ScreenShotCE was programmed with different screen geometries in mind. You can use it with any resolution or orientation, either natively or via special virtual screen programs like NYDITOT or Jimmy Landscape.

If you use the standard mode (non GAPI) the resulting file will have the same resolution as the virtual screen.

If you use GAPI the screen shot will use the physical screen dimensions but it will still give you a true representation of what you see on the screen.

When you are doing GAPI screenshots in landscape mode the preview will be rotated 90 degrees (because GAPI doesn't understand landscape) but the resulting image will show the correct orientation.

Making a screenshot of self

Have you ever tried to make a screen shot of a screen shot program? Normally this is impossible because the Pocket PC operating system does not tolerate two programs with the same name running at the same time.

When ScreenShotCE gets started a second time it senses that another copy is already running. The new instance then sends the other copy a message to do a new screenshot, and then silently terminates.

Purchase ScreenShotCE:

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Directly: (you will receive the setup program by email)

A version for the Windows Smartphone is also available

Purchase ScreenShotSP:

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